Pian della Bandina is about 150 years old. In the past it was a farm producing wine, olive oil and wood. Originally it was called “Pian della Bandita” (plain of the bandits). This refers to the hunting that has been going on in this area for centuries. This hunting was done by both hunters and poachers. However, when registering in the documents of the IGM (Istituto Geografico Militare), a mistake was made and “Bandita” was accidentally changed to “Bandina”.
The photos below are from 1994, when it was decided to completely demolish the buildings and rebuild them with comfortable and spacious apartments.

Renovation of the farm
In 1995 the old farm was completely demolished. A large cellar and a new foundation were started. The property was rebuilt using modern construction methods. With cavity walls for insulation and a metal construction to protect the building against all natural influences. The exterior was rebuilt with the old stones of the original building. In this way the traditional Umbrian style was preserved. With the installation of the electricity and the pipework, all apartments that were built were immediately taken into account. For example, there is a system that ensures sufficient water pressure for all apartments. The electricity also provides sufficient groups for all apartments. Although the central group box has already been replaced.
The end result is a beautiful comfortable building in a beautiful location!

Villa “Il Cotogno“
A fun fact about our detached Villa “Il Cotogno”: it used to be a large chicken coop and was used to breed chickens…. Just think about that if this is your stay during your vacation at Pian della Bandina 😉.
This building was also completely demolished at the end of 1995. Subsequently, a beautiful detached villa was built. Also here a steel construction has been used and cavity walls have been made.
The villa has 2 bedrooms and a total of 6 sleeping places, it offers a lot of privacy and includes 2 covered private terraces. Especially the terrace at the front door is very comfortable on hot days: out of the sun, with a little wind and a beautiful view!
Nothing can be noticed anymore of the old residents (the chickens). The current name “Il Cotogno” refers to a Quince. This tree is prominent next to the villa.

The swimming pool
The construction of a swimming pool was also started in 1995. A beautiful and large swimming pool of 14 meters by 7 meters has been constructed. It is built between 2 olive trees. These trees provide a comfortable shelter from the sun. A building was placed next to the swimming pool for, among other things, a ladies’ toilet, men’s toilet, the technical installation of the swimming pool and storage. Later, the terrace around the pool was replaced by a slightly larger terrace made of more sustainable materials. There is also now a wooden terrace to enjoy comfortably. Around the pool now we have sun beds to lie comfortable by the pool.
In 1996 the pool house of approximately 11 meters by 7 meters was built next to the pool. A large space that we use as a communal space. Here are tables and chairs to sit comfortably and under cover.

The completion
In 1996 the renovation of Pian della Bandina was completed. In addition, the garden was further laid out. Among other things olive trees, fruit trees, plants and shrubs were planted. Now we have, among others, several olive trees, 3 different kinds of plum trees, a quince, a bay tree, a hazelnut tree, a walnut tree, a fig tree, a chestnut tree and a cherry tree. Now, some 25 years later, this vegetation provides a beautiful natural decoration and many fine shady spots.
The gazebo has become a real pool house, equipped with a kitchen and tables & chairs for relaxing. The room is now used to play games, read a book, watch TV and various beautiful drawings and paintings have been made last year. Some fanatical students have even studied there. We also organise our collective BBQ and pizza evenings here.
Nowadays, there is also a large terrace between the swimming pool and the pool house with terrace furniture, a parasol and a shade cloth.